Helping Local NonProfits Have an Impact


Executive Directors from Shiawassee-based nonprofits gather at Foster Coffee

The Cook Family Foundation believes that community change occurs when locally-based nonprofits have the motivation, the support, and the capacity to have an impact.  For several years we have worked with Shiawassee-based nonprofits to help improve their governance, strengthen their operations, and grow through strategic investments.  Ten of those nonprofits have been recognized as Partners for their commitment to capacity building (see a list of all the nonprofits we work with).

In order to help local nonprofits take the next step in their growth, the Cook Family Foundation announces the Innovation and Impact Grant program.  This intensive capacity building endeavor helps an organization take a stretch to realize a dream, review  internal structure, establish new partnerships, and invest in sustainable growth.  The grant process is competitive, and the first round of participants will be selected in April this year.

The NonProfit Capacity Building Program will continue to provide coaching, peer networking, and educational workshops for executive directors and board members.  Information and registration for upcoming sessions can be found on our Events Page.

If you are a board member of a local nonprofit, contact your executive director for information.  The requirements for organizational participation in the NonProfit Capacity Building Program are defined here.  For more information or assistance, please contact us.

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