The Cook Family Foundation wants success for both our best nonprofits and for our best students. We support community organizations through the NonProfit Capacity Building program, and we provide scholarships to the University of Michigan for graduates of ten area high schools. We also bring these two program efforts together by supporting internships in Shiawassee County.

Our goal is to bring talented young people back to our community for a summer’s employment. This helps nonprofits by providing them with the best and the brightest to work on a definable project. This helps students by giving them an opportunity put their skills to work, learn more about their community from a new perspective, and gain additional financial support for their continued education.  We will bring students serving in internships together several times in the summer to share their experiences and learn from one another.  We will meet in Owosso and investigate this community; hence the name Owosso Fellows (though we will support internships anywhere in the County.)


You can read more about the experiences of previous interns and Fellows on this page (click here). If you are a nonprofit interested in engaging an intern, or a student interested in becoming a Fellow, contact us.  Foundation Trustee Anna Owens is serving as the support person for students.

For Students

Internships are available to any current student, or immediate graduate, from the University of Michigan who received a scholarship from the Cook Family Foundation.  If you are interested in pursuing an internship for the summer, please contact us with a brief description of the type of work experience you are interested in along with a resume.  We will share this information with local nonprofits.

We will share internship announcements from local nonprofits on this page, on Twitter, and through email communications. Please apply directly to the nonprofit; see information in their announcement. You are responsible for working with the nonprofit to determine employment terms, start and end dates, hours, and other job responsibilities.


Shiawassee County Area Summer 2021 Intern Positions


Education & Events Internship at DeVries Nature Conservancy

Description:  Spend your summer outdoors at DeVries Nature Conservancy! We are looking for an intern that will spend 10 week planning and assisting with our popular summer nature camps. Other duties include but are not limited to, taking care of our education animals, curriculum development, trail maintenance, gardening, and organizing community events. The intern will work primarily with the Education Team, and on occasion the Executive Director.

Requirements: Applicant must be a current university student. The intern must be comfortable working with children, be self directed, be able to work well with others and alone, and have good organizational skills. Knowledge of the outdoors and a passion for animals and the environment is a plus. Experience or willingness to learn outdoor skills such as fire starting, shelter building, gardening, plant identification, a must. Must have the ability to adapt to help around DeVries as needed. Applicant must be able to pass a background check.

One of the Children’s Nature Camps – Bugs and More Bugs!

Preferred Timeline: 10 weeks, early June to mid-August, 35-40 hours a week. May include some evenings and weekends.

To Apply: Email a resume, transcript, and cover letter to our Environmental Education Coordinator, Torey Caviston, at [email protected].  Call if you have any questions: 989.723.3365



Marketing Analyst Internship at Durand Area Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Durand Area Chamber of Commerce Inc. is a local not-for-profit looking for an eager intern to help support our mission. The goal of this internship is to help you develop skills in a business setting, better preparing you for a future career in the professional world.

The successful candidate will be responsible for developing a survey for each segment of Chamber members, i.e. manufacturing, retail and professional. The survey will help determine how the Chamber can improve services to better meet members’ needs. The survey will be sent electronically, however telephone or email follow up may be needed. The intern will compile the information into a strategic marketing plan. Should time allow, the intern will develop marketing materials. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Scheduling appointments, reminders, and project lists
  • Design and execute marketing tools, forms and spreadsheets as needed
  • Provide support with projects or weekly lists
  • Extensive telephone work
  • Work closely with members of the Chamber 
  • Communicate in a professional environment
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Education:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Some college preferred 
  • Ability to project, prioritize, and meet deadlines
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 

:  35 hours a week starting Jun 1
st and continuing for 10 weeks 

Safety:  The successful applicant will adhere to  Covid-19 guidelines. A mask will be required. The Greater Durand Area Chamber of Commerce Inc. does maintain a supply of masks for use by employees.  Social distancing will be maintained.

To Apply: Email a resume and cover letter to our Executive Director, Candyce Wolsfeld, at: [email protected]  Or call if you have any questions:  989.288.3715



Executive Assistant Intern at Shiawassee Economic Developement Partnership

The Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership’s mission is to improve Shiawassee County’s economy through business attraction, retention and expansion.  To assist in this important work, the SEDP is seeking an intern to perform a variety of administrative tasks and support our company’s senior-level managers.  Ultimately, you will contribute to the efficiency of our business by providing personalized and timely support to executive members.

To be successful in this role, you should be well-organized, have great time management skills and be able to act without guidance.

Executive Assistant’s responsibilities include:

  • Provide follow through with clients on project status and updates
  • Assist with drafting and submitting process of project paperwork
  • Provide scheduling support
  • Provide research as needed to support projects and developing initiatives
  • Assist with record digitization for the organization
  • Participate in the planning, preparation, and execution of events
  • Data research for new and ongoing initiatives
  • Participate in outreach to members and stakeholders for updating SEDP database
  • Other duties as assigned


Timeline: 35 hours a week start-date negotiable for 10 weeks. The Internship is a paid position

Safety: The successful applicant will adhere to current Covid19 guidelines

To Apply: Email a resume and cover letter to our Vice President, Brent Jones, at: [email protected], or if you have any questions call: 989.725.9241




We connect leaders and support entrepreneurs so that together we build an extraordinary Shiawassee Region.

Marketing/Event Intern at Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce 

The Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce is seeking an Intern to assist our staff in supporting our mission of connecting leaders and supporting entrepreneurs so that together we build an extraordinary Shiawassee Region. The goal of this internship is to assist your development in marketing, event planning, and leadership by working with a variety of stakeholders in a business setting, enhancing your overall skill set and preparing you for your future career

The successful candidate will assist Chamber staff in the marketing and planning of several annual and special events. The intern will assist in coordinating administrative support activities with Chamber staff and volunteers and will gain knowledge in the budgeting process

Job Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Assisting Chamber staff to complete event planning project lists 
  • Assist Chamber staff in all aspects of social media outreach to drive marketing efforts 
  • Contacting key stakeholders to assist in marketing and event planning efforts 
  • Assisting in the creation of marketing and event materials 
  • Active participant in all Chamber events 
  • Other duties as assigned 

Qualifications and Education

  • Excellent customer service skills (verbal and written
  • Knowledge and experience with strategic business planning and implementation 
  • Some college preferred 
  • Knowledge and experience in organizational management 
  • Proficient in Microsoft 365 

35 hours a week starting June 1st and continuing for 10 weeks. The Internship is a paid position

Safety: The successful applicant will adhere to current Covid19 guidelines

To Apply: Email a resume and cover letter to our President/CEO, Greg Klapko, at: [email protected]org if you have any questions call: 989.723.5149

For Nonprofits

We believe that a substantive internship with a community organization can be an important part of a college student’s education.  These Shiawassee students attending the University of Michigan are among the most talented young people from our county and you should expect them to be independent, intelligent, and curious employees. Please think of an internship experience that is definable, can be completed in a summer’s time frame, and gives them the opportunity to interact and learn from your staff, volunteers, and community partners.  You should look at testimonials from former interns to get an idea of the kind of experiences students are seeking (click here).

If you are interested in having an intern, please write up a position description that explains the opportunity and outlines the benefits of working with your nonprofit.  Forward the job description to the Cook Family Foundation (contact us) and we will circulate it to current University of Michigan students.  Provide contact information in the internship posting so that students can apply to you directly.

Internships should be for a minimum of 35 hours a week for at least 10 weeks; the nonprofit and the student may wish to extend this engagement.  Students should receive at least $11 per hour for their work.  The Foundation is offering a grant of up to $3,500 to a nonprofit willing to offer a local University of Michigan student an internship; the nonprofit will need to provide additional funds to support employment of the student.  The nonprofit is responsible to act as employer, provide supervision, and comply with all applicable laws.