The Cook Family Foundation offers a scholarship to all Shiawassee area students who are admitted to University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  (Click here for full details regarding our scholarship work.) We encourage the best and brightest high school graduates from the greater Shiawassee County region to pursue an education at a premier university, including the world class University of Michigan.  If you are a Shiawassee area senior (or rising senior) and are interested in the University of Michigan (any of their campuses) please read more about our scholarship programs and look at the FAQs and testimonials.  Most importantly, fill out an application for our scholarship.  This will make it possible for us to give you the most help.  For Michigan residents, UM may be your most affordable option and is certainly a great value.  

In addition to helping students receive scholarships and the maximum amount of financial aid, the Foundation is commited to providing top students advice and help throughout their high school years on up through and beyond the application process (and through the Shiawassee Scholars program, which is expertly run by the Shiawassee Regional Education Services District’s, Renee Dotson.)   To that end we try to round up expert information and share with students and parents. See below for our upcoming scholarship-related events and how to participate.  


In case you missed our FINANCIAL AID WORKSHOP that was held at Baker College on January 18th, here is a copy of the powerpoint as well as the contact information for the Financial Aid Department at the University of Michigan:

Please Note:  While the presentation will provide particular insight to financial aid from the University of Michigan, the presentation will be applicable no matter what university you decide to attend. 

After you filed your FAFSA  you should have received a SAR (Student Aid Report), which shows your EFC (Expected Family Contribution).  It would be most helpful if you had it on hand. It will help you to learn how much need-based financial aid you will be eligible to receive. 

Contact Information:


Stephen Nabors, M.Ed., Assistant Director for Outreach

Pronouns: He/Him/His
University of Michigan | Office of Financial Aid
515 E. Jefferson | 2500 Student Activities Building
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316
P: 734.763.6600 | F: 734.647.3081 
Email:  [email protected]    Helping U Go Blue


To keep up-to-date on financial aid, scholarships, and other UM information follow us on Twitter @GoBlueGoBruce


For more information on our scholarships or to apply click here: Cook Family Foundation Scholarships Overview or follow us on Twitter @GoBlueGoBruce for the latest information.




We believe that Shiawassee nonprofits should have access, locally, to experts in nonprofit management, and we bring in presenters to our community for free educational programs. If you’d like to participate and are not already a member of our Shiawassee NonProfit Capacity Building program, then please email Kerry Dutcher at: [email protected] or call 989-725-1621.

2022 Workshop Schedule 


******STAY TUNED******




****Under Construction Nonprofit Events TBA Soon****

Other NonProfit Capacity Building and Learning Opportunities

Executive Director Networking Sessions—

As a member of the Shiawassee NonProfit Capacity Building Program there are other opportunities available to your nonprofit organization. For Executive Directors there are “standing” bi-monthly meetings, meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month for networking and support from 12:00-2:00PM. This Executive Director only, networking opportunity will help you build your capabilities through peer learning and networking relationships. Come share up-to-date information about current trends and gather tools to help you be a more effective nonprofit executive director. 
Register for one or all here.

Executive Director Networking :  (virtual option available)
  • Dates TBA


Fourth Thursday Nonprofit  Support Call/Zoom, 9:30-10:30AM 


These support calls will be Vision Readiness, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion meetings that will help you be responsive to current issues, the pandemic, staffing or whatever else you want to discuss

Come prepared to share what you know and as always, we will find time to breathe, laugh and cry – or what ever may be necessary. 

Registering will allow you to receive a 1-day reminder email and any important updates, informational sharing and/or schedule changes. Register here for any of following dates:

  • Thursday, February 24, 2022



**Please note**

If you are a member of our NonProfit Capacity Building Program and would like to see a workshop brought to our area, we would consider supporting this effort IF you collaborate with at least two other nonprofits on your chosen topic for Nonprofit Network (or another facilitator) to present, AND IF each participating organization can commit to bring at least five members of their organization (Board Members, Staff, Volunteers, etc.) to the workshop.

Interested? Here’s a listing of the types of facilitated workshops we could bring to our area (Click here). Feel free to contact Tom Cook  (989.725.1621) or the professionals at Nonprofit Network (517-796-4750) for more information on any session topic, or to determine if  collaborating to coordinate a future session would be right for you and your organization.

For more information on workshops, our other learning opportunities and to learn more about the NonProfit Capacity Building program click here: Capacity Building Participation or follow us on Twitter @ShiaNPCB