Dear Nonprofit Executive Director,

As an executive director we know you are always looking for the best way to engage your board.  Are you taking advantage of technology to help you and your board achieve your goals?

If your organization relies on technology to achieve your mission (or would like to). And you suspect that there may be an easier way to accomplish your goals, then we want to help you — and your board leadership — maximize the value you get from technology.

Through this initiative you might, for example:

– Seek to streamline your gift acknowledgement and tracking processes,

– Reduce coordination hassles with shared calendaring,

– Ensure that you appropriately secure and backup your organization’s important data.

Here’s what we propose.

  1. The foundation will cover the cost for Andy Wolber to visit your organization to identify the organization’s environment, issues, and tools.
  2. Andy will then draft a one-page document with you to clarify a strategic technology issue — and identify alternative solutions.
  3. We’ll make Andy available to attend a board meeting to support you as you present the identified issue solutions with your board. He can also address any technical questions or concerns members might have.
  4. Then comes the hard part: your board will need to make a decision and act. That’s up to you.
  5. Andy will be available to meet again with your board at a later date to discuss the impact.

If your organization is a participating member in our nonprofit capacity building program, fill out the Google Form (click here) to start the process.